Liberty Santiago

Intuitive Business Consultant

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Liberty’s superpower is confidently helping others manifest miracles especially in doing digital Business!

Liberty set out to help others discover their own manifesting power through establishing Diamond Consulting LLC in early 2020. Liberty’s purpose is to help heart centered entrepreneurs on a deep level. Liberty feels chosen to help people through the manifestation work inside the programs she creates, 1:1 and group coaching. It is through her own story of manifesting and personal development journey that she created her signature courses and automated business success.

Liberty was not always manifesting the life of her dreams. Once upon a time, her life seemed dark; toxic thoughts riddled hermind, high conflict and loss were typical, which were caused by deep emotional traumas. Liberty has never shy about asking for help. When the outside circumstances began to control her life she started her path towards an incredible transformation. After detoxing from prescription drug dependency in 2014, she started her journey of bettering herself, to gain a greater connection with God, learn self-awareness and to trust her intuitive gifts. Liberty immersed herself in a variety of support groups and got involved with leadership roles within recovery groups and the church.

In doing this, Liberty felt there was much more to be uncovered and she was determined to discover her life’s purpose. She began to study the Law of Attraction and poured her heart into the idea of manifestation. She quickly found that the more she believed in herself and her gifts, the more she began attracting into her life. The more clear she became, the faster the flow of incredible outcomes came.

Through the powerful mindset and paradigm-shifting techniques she discovered, she found she can consciously help others to manifest incredible outcomes as well. Since audibly hearing the message that, “you are here to help people on a deep level” her desires became locked in. She is becoming known as the Money Manifestation Mentor and has lots of client love and success surrounding tailoring the manifestation program that is intuitive to the business of her clients. Clients say this technique has been one of the most directly impactful tools for manifestation of their heart’s truest desires.

Don’t be the bottleneck in your business! Success is right in front of you!

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