I’M Liberty Santiago

I’M Liberty Santiago

Digital Launch Agency Owner & Mindset Trainer

Digital Launch Agency Owner & Mindset Trainer

Helping You Find Your Power & Foster Your Big Vision

Helping You Find Your Power & Foster Your Big Vision

1:1 Mentorship

Look I know the right support is not easy to find but in the work we do together we get down to business!

Legacy Building

Are you ready for the TIME & MONEY? Business potential is not fully realized until you have both!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

This is the FUN part! Your higher self has been calling to you to be the leader that you were designed to be.

Working with Liberty and her team is a powerful decision to align with your greatest power NOW!

We are committed to help you collapse time and grow your beliefs about money & business beyond your current results.

When you get started here you are saying YES to

Six figure Success!

Customized client experience for your Quantum Leap

Energetic and expansive high level mentorship

Quickly calibrate your self image for greater results

Find balance between masculine and feminine energies

Laser Focus

We uncover your zone of genius, design your signature success style & expand your effectiveness

Group Learning

With our e-courses you are never alone, you are linked to likeminded peers for accountability & support


Heart centered guidance and loving support is what you will discover when you get started

CEO Mastery

Success is not Secret! Learn from others who have mastered their mindset about money & business

What Is Mentorship?

Who is Mentorship For?

Mentorship is guidance from someone that has mastered their mindset and is experienced in the area that you wish to succeed. Mentorship is for business minded individuals and teams that value investing in professional growth and who take radical responsibility for their results. If you are ready to take direction and make powerful decisions you are ready for Mentorship!

Learn powerful decision making.

Collapse time with guidance from experts.

Master what it means to lead yourself & your team.

Discover abundance mindset and calibrate your energy.

When you are surrounded with winners you cannot lose.

About Me

Liberty’s superpower is confidently helping others manifest miracles, specifically miracles of manifesting money in business!

Liberty set out to help others discover their own manifesting power through establishing Diamond Consulting LLC in February 2020. Liberty’s mission is to help entrepreneurs unlock their individual power, passion & purpose. Liberty feels chosen to help others express their gifts & manifest business success through the programs she directs, 1:1 and group mentorship.

Client Reviews

“Since starting to work with Liberty, I sold out all but one seat to my group program and attracted 2 more 1:1 clients!” -Heather W

“I hired Liberty to get clarity in my business and decide what I really wanted to create in my life. I am now open to much more and happy with my new direction. I have a new mindset and attitude that even my wife noticed,” -Sam C

“Liberty's energy is infectious and always uplifting! I had the pleasure of 1:1 calls with her & that helped me to up level to even greater heights. I highly recommend working with Liberty at any capacity!! But of course the highest capacity will get you faster, more amazing results”-Tammie J

Online Coaching Resources

Spiritual Selling

Selling is service! How to have more ease and flow for your sales has never been easier!

Unlock the block in your Biz

Mindset & Implementation are key! Join our 28 days of Self love to unlock your greatest manifestation tool today.

6 Figures per month

If you plan to take your business to 6 figures per month, we have the map and vehicle to get you there! Say YES to 6 figure success!

Reset Your Beliefs! Take A Risk. Blow your own mind with Results.

Liberty knows struggle! More than once in her personal life and in her Business she has thought about giving up! Just when she was about to close the door and pivot she was met with amazing support! You are never alone, we know how much you want to succeed. It is not just about the money, it is about the impact! We believe you deserve to have the success and the money!

We designed our services & teachings for the greatest success story to be yours!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Take your Business to Six Figures Today!

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